This work represents a major milestone in our search for Tao philosophy for more than a decade. The author would like to take this occasion to express thanks to many friends who have provided direct and indirect support for this project during its long history.

The author would like to recognize Profs. Chen Gu-yin 陳鼓應, Tong Lik-Kuen 唐力權, and Ho Hsiu Hwang 何秀煌. They have impartially extended their supports to an unknown amateur at the early stage. However, the project has many major changes and they may be unaware of the final work presented here. The author also thanks the editors and the anonymous reviewers of the article in Tamkang Journal to make the logic model available for the academic public.

The author thanks Prof. Lin Yi-cheng 林義正for his friendly comments and discussion on the Chinese article, Mr. Lu Ying-tang 呂應棠, Kan Tiong Siong 簡忠松, Su Jin-long 蘇金龍, and Yu-san Chen 陳玉山, for their discussions related to the model. For this book, the author thanks Mark Ristich and Helena Wang, who have reviewed the various English drafts and provided many useful comments. [1]

[1]     We have made use of Print-on-Demand (POD) publication technology to provide continuous improvement in the contents of this book. Minor revisions may be made at any time and the revision date is shown on the copyright page. Major revisions will appear as new Editions.

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