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New: Systems Thinking and Logic of Tao Philosophy

Preface  (added to Logic of Tao Philosophy Page) The purpose of this work is to discuss the relationship between systems thinking and the logic of Tao philosophy. We show that Tao philosophy, along with many other ancient philosophies, may be … Continue reading

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This work represents a major milestone in our search for Tao philosophy for more than a decade. The author would like to take this occasion to express thanks to many friends who have provided direct and indirect support for this … Continue reading

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New Interpretation and Translation

After we can identify the principle and logic, we have an ultimate target for our interpretation and translation of the Tao Te Ching. Most existing interpretations of the Tao Te Ching show unexplainable paradoxes and self-contradictions, due to lack of … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Description of Reality

It is interesting to see that, as a result of our model, logical description of a reality will necessarily be ambiguous in our words. Or, the words we use to describe a reality will be ambiguous due to the nature … Continue reading

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Our Journey

Our journey starts around the year 1999 with a simple curiosity: Why is the Tao Te Ching so difficult to interpret? [1]After surveying through many existing interpretations of this classic, the subsequent questions arise: Why is it, as a philosophy, … Continue reading

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The Principle of Tao

Tao philosophy describes the order of nature and defines the principle of that order. Tao refers to the natural, spontaneous harmony of the universe, so Tao philosophy is a Philosophy of Nature. Nature is in the phenomenal world. This principle … Continue reading

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