A Systematic Model

Because our conclusion is completely opposite to the prevailing views on Tao philosophy, we have to articulate this principle carefully and clearly to avoid unnecessary obstacles of overcoming the traditional way of thinking. For this purpose, we discuss in details in Chapter III a formal and systematic model to guide us to our new understanding.

With the principle and logic, we can have a consistent Tao philosophy. The results of this model will represent a new way to understand Tao philosophy.

In our final formulation, we have borrowed two popular “scientific” methodologies. These methodologies may be already familiar to the readers, due to popularization of sciences, especially quantum theory. The mysteries are contained in the principle. Such mysteries appear also in all philosophies following the same principle.

The model is common in science and philosophy. This shows that our basic premises in science and philosophy are compatible. We are dealing with the common features of the Oneness of nature. Science and philosophy are different observations of a common truth. Philosophy and science are two manifestations of the same principle of nature, so they can be approached with similar formulations.

However, it is also important to note that neither we claim the mysteries of Tao as scientific phenomena, nor do we believe that there are specific scientific contents in Lao-tzu’s Tao philosophy. What is in common is only in their logical thinking. The objects of their thoughts are different.

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