Think like a Chinese?

Without an apparent logic, the Tao Te Ching does not fit into the Western philosophical system. Faced with such a difficulty, many thinkers start to consider Tao as a unique kind of Chinese thinking. Some claim that Tao is far superior and cannot be analyzed with Western ideas. A few even suggest that Western scholars should “think like a Chinese” in order to solve these issues that cannot be resolved by Chinese thinkers.

Many Western philosophers simply could not accept Tao as a systematic philosophy. This is reflected by the fact that Tao, along with many other Eastern philosophies, is treated only as Asian Thoughts outside the academic Philosophy departments.

Most scholars expand or correlate the meaning of Tao with their interpretations of the historical Chinese commentaries. Without new light, both the East and the West will continue to be hampered by the same difficulties of interpreting Tao. The mysteries of Tao will likely continue. Any claim for logic, such as ours, will have to face the difficulty of overcoming the long tradition of speculative interpretations.

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