Parmenides (515 – 450 B.C.E.) was a Greek philosopher and poet, born of an illustrious family about 510 B.C.E., at Elea in lower Italy. We shall analyze his poem On Nature, which was addressed to his student Zeno. The article is divided into three parts: the Prologue, the Way of Truth, and the Way of Opinion.

Parmenides’ logic is generally considered to be extremely abstract. The purpose of this Chapter is to show the similarity between Lao-tzu and Parmenides, by showing that how the logic of Parmenides can be shown with clarity in the same model. We shall follow closely the poem, with comments to show the similarity to the model described Part I.

Once we can show the logic structure of Parmenides to be the same as the model shown, we may deduce the same model characteristics in Parmenides’ philosophy. This model has been successfully applied to show the logic of Tao philosophy.

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